Sleep! (Fast or slow?)



Fast hypnotic inductions (yum). Slow, dreamy hypnotic inductions (mm).

I can tell you what each is like.


This is such a seduction. I don’t care if it’s for therapy or for just sexy, hot  “control me” fun, being drawn down the hypnotic stairs or watching the pendulum or being counted down or having every part of your body relaxed one limb at a time is a complete seduction. It’s exciting at first. There’s nervousness. What if it doesn’t work? There’s giddy tremors deep inside. What if it DOES work? But slowly, you just feel yourself slipping away. There might be a moment where you come out of it a little and realize that you haven’t really been paying attention for who knows how long before the hypnotist does whatever they do to lull your thoughts back to sleep. There’s certainly a dreamy quality to it. When your eyes are open and some part of you wakes up enough to remember the feeling, it’s like being in a daze, staring off into space and not quite tracking what’s being said to you or how you’re responding. There’s a whole lot of “in one ear and out the other”. Your hypnotist or you say something, and it’s there in your head, then you or your hypnotist says something else and the new thing bumps out the old thing and it’s gone.

For me, it’s always a feeling of sinking and getting heavy and like it’s too much trouble to move. Counting down really does a number on me (oops! pun, sorry, lol). Counting somehow gets me focused on the next number and where we are in the counting, and when they screw around with the counting that is very distracting, but in a good way. They start counting back up, and I’m like “wait, wrong direction”. They skip a number or they repeat a number, and I’m like “wait, you did something wrong there”, meanwhile the suggestions they’re giving me between numbers are sending my body and mind plummeting.

The most successful trance I think I’ve ever had though didn’t involve counting. It involved the hypnotist recognizing that I liked the heavy, sinking feeling and then suggesting that my conscious mind was floating up, lighter. So the heavier my body got, the lighter my mind got and by the end I felt strangely disconnected from myself. It’s weird, but I felt like he was talking to my neck, lol. Like I was stretched out, spread thin and my subconscious was somehow in between (in my neck, apparently).


This is a total thrill ride and a lot more of a feeling of being under someone’s control. That snap of the fingers or someone saying “SLEEP” is a complete shock to the system. It’s sudden. It’s sharp. It’s almost like a moment where you hear the fire alarm  going off. There’s even this little moment where you can think, “is it going to work?” but before you can get to the word “going” in that sentence, you feel yourself giving way. This is a lot more physical to me. It’s like someone hypnotizing my body first. My body reacts by letting go and then my mind is left to wonder what it’s supposed to do. It’s especially effective for me if I can collapse somehow, back onto a bed or even better, (yum) forward into someone’s arms or into their lap. That’s like being a kitten that goes soft and boneless in your owner’s arms. Still, though after that sudden thrill of the drop, I feel like I’ve never actually just sunk to the bottom like the slow, seductive trances. It’s like I fall onto a platform and someone has to show me the door to the stairs. Right through here, and we’re back to the slower sinking again.

The best for me so far was someone who wanted to “condition” me. So, at first I was told to go along with it. Don’t resist it, even though I knew I could. We must have done this a hundred (50?) times. And yes, it didn’t take long before I felt a lot less like I was going along with it, and a lot more like it was taking on a life of its own. That was the excitement. The sensation that my body was dropping on its own without my involvement. The thrill that maybe I couldn’t stop it anymore even if I tried, though I never really got a chance to stop it because I was busy dropping before the idea occurred to me. And I’m pretty sure once or twice, they quickly planted a suggestion or two into me. This going in and out of trance was more devastating (in a good way) to me when I was awake then anything else. There was at least twice that I was cautioned to wait for the trigger, because I only “thought” they were going to trigger me and I dropped. Oops! lol But yes, being awake got really dreamy and I knew I wasn’t following everything exactly, because I was very focused on being triggered again. Yes, I know, it’s called being “fractionalized” and it worked really well, but mostly because I think I got a lot more suggestible when I was “awake” then when I was under.

Partial(?) Hypnosis

I don’t know what to call this, but I’ve had different hypnotists do this to me and it was both weird and sexy.

One decided she would only hypnotize my body and not my mind. I’d been under with her several times and we liked each other. She was sweet and nice and funny and like a best friend you just met, and I didn’t go under amazingly well for her, but I really liked being hypnotized by her even though we didn’t do it often. She hypnotized just my body and told me to make sure my mind was awake. It worked okay, but when she narrowed down her hypnosis to only my right hand, I kept losing that hypnotized feeling every time I moved it. When she hypnotized my left hand I got a completely disassociated feeling. I was looking at my left hand and it was sort of like it wasn’t mine anymore. It was, but it wasn’t. When she asked me whose hand it was I told her it was hers, but I knew it was really mine. I also had a strange sensation like it was a puppet hand and she’d somehow slipped  her hand inside it.

The other time, someone decided to only hypnotize the part of my brain that could talk, the speech center. I didn’t feel like anything was happening, but I had a little moment of (what to call this) dizziness? Not dizzy, not disoriented, but a combination of spacey and vertigo, just for a second or two. I told him this and he asked me if I wanted to stop and I told him (lol, what was I thinking?), that actually I wanted to see if he could make the feeling come back. We had a good laugh and he never quite got it to come back, but he had me remember what it felt like and I had a sort of ghost sensation of it, meaning I remembered what it felt like, so I was sort of feeling it, but not nearly as intense. Then I had a trigger which was a basic off and on command. When he said “on” everything was fine. I was a little dreamy, so a little trancey, but not overly so, but fine. When he said “off”, first I just stared away and didn’t say anything. I went kind of blank, but I knew what he was saying, then when he really pushed me to try to speak I was very drunk and slurred and slow and I couldn’t form the words. Again, I didn’t feel drunk, a little dreamy (not dreamy exactly, but a little out of it), but it was odd that he could suggest to my mind that this part of my brain right here wasn’t working anymore.

So, there you have it, slow inductions, fast inductions and I have no idea what to call it inductions.


~ by mandymous on August 31, 2014.

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  1. It has been sometime since you have posted. I hope you’ve been blissfully in tranced and well

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