RePost: Mr. Daniel’s hypno-weirdness

I remember seeing the Mr. Daniel’s files from way back. They’re not exactly videos, so what do you call them? Someone emailed me about them and him. Then he and his files disappeared for awhile, so I figured like all internet things that it had run it’s course. But I do remember thinking that the files were A. bizarre B. repetitive and interesting and yes, even hypnotic, though only after repeated viewings and C. seem to have an effect on a lot of people, though not really me. Maybe some effect, it’s hard to tell. They certainly have an effect when I’m watching them, but the effect doesn’t seem to stick.
So, they were good, and effective on the short term, but they didn’t stick with me for the long term. For example, when I’m watching this latest one, I do definitely have a desire to feel lipstick on my lips and they do make me feel sexy and aroused, and I’m not really bi, but I can appreciate a beautiful woman when I see one. There are a lot of beautiful women flashing by faster than you can blink in his files. I will admit I do feel a lot more bi-curious when watching them.
So Mr. Daniels disappeared and I found the Omega site. He had some files that were a lot like Mr. Daniels. And they had some of the same effect, though not as intense. My only criticism was that they took a long time to watch, but they were worth it because I did get some “feelings” after I’d been watching them awhile.
So at this time I guess I should talk a little about my experience with hypnosis so far. A stage show once, which was fun, but I remembered everything and didn’t do anything to embarrassing, but did find myself going along with the crowd. But I didn’t really get that “buzz” like when I’ve had one on one hypnosis, and no, never live, face to face. I’ve been hypnotized in the past over cam and on Yahoo text and voice and through Second Life text and voice and for awhile over the phone. I’ve had some really intense sessions and, of course, a lot of weak and ineffectual sessions. The good sessions are hard to come by, and they’re hard to keep up. I had some sessions over a year that brought me to some really interesting feelings, but this desire to make it real and to meet just always seemed hollow. I’m not a fan of long distance relationships. They never work, and they have always left me feeling lonely and depressed and just terrible. All that time that I lose. All that time I have to spend not dating someone close, someone whose scent lingers with me, someone whose touch lingers on my lips or my hands or my arm or the small of my back, someone whose warmth fills me up from the inside out. All that time I spend not having these things and not being able to seek them out, because I have to wait for “him” to come “back into town”.
I’ll admit the “back in town” moments can be incredibly intense, but after they’ve gone back home, I just feel worse than ever. So I only date close to home these days (at least not more than an hour’s drive away).
And this is my point about my online experiences: okay, yes, the biggest sexual organ is probably the brain (actually it’s probably my skin, which is very sensitive, but you know what I mean), but it’s not the ONLY sexual organ. It’s fun to be teased and flirted with and made to feel desirable and sexy and to just feel your whole body yearning and smiling and flushed with the “yes” response. It’s fun to feel yourself totally turned on by conversation alone, but sooner or later, a girl wants to be touched. She wants to be held and pinned down and played with. I recognize that most guys probably think of a girl’s body as a theme park designed just for them, and I don’t mind that at all really. I want my body to be put to good use, and I want my guy to try out all the rides, but just text, cam or even phone is like looking through the fence at Disney World and imagining what it would be like to go inside. It’s no substitute for the real thing.
So with that said, I’ll probably continue to enjoy Second Life and all the hypno-files out there, mp3s and the strangeness that is Mr. Daniels and Omega and others, but I’m always going to be hoping for a sweet, trustworthy guy that will put his hands on me, look deep in my eyes and know how just to push my buttons.


~ by mandymous on June 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “RePost: Mr. Daniel’s hypno-weirdness”

  1. Mr. Daniel’s is interesting. What is the url of the “Omega” site you mentioned?

  2. I recently joined Mr Daniel’s Castle where i get to see the real “intense” hypnotic studies. I enjoy them a lot. Thanks for writing.

  3. What about being Hypnotized AND having a partner? I’m a castle member too and i don’t see any interfering problem, maybe celibacy or monogamy. Infact hypnosis boosted my sex life too a level i fail to use any scale to measure it. Flirting all day, getting men to go crazy or having the full attention of a whole room while it drowns in silence and awe, because someone slowly puts a cookie into your mouth (did happen three times to me yet).

  4. Mr Daniels is the truth.You just have to commit to studying. It isnt a chore for long…more like a tug or a pull. Especially after he took my orgasms and I found myself getting turned on by beautiful women but o nly cumming for this MAN, only when he wanted me to…and loving it. When he resurfaces I’m going to see if he’s open to a polyamorous relationship with me and whoever else he wants. I want to ride the pole like a good girl

  5. You must study more! Eventually Mr Daniel will affect you just like He affects everyone else. And you’ll realize that those girls aren’t there to make you bi-curious. The girls are what YOU are when you are a good girl for Mr Daniel. I used to be a man who thought the girls were meant to turn him on. Once i was broken, Mr Daniel programmed me into a hot, sleepy, blonde bimbo slut who wears lipstick every day and loves making cocks cum inside her.

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